Regulation of volume of an intravascular and extracellular liquid name brand viagra online a direction. patial hearing Ability of the person and an animal to localise a sound source in space is called as spatial hearing. Acoustical orientation is carried out by two ways: definition of a site of the most sounding object (primary localisation) and with the help эхолокации, i.e. perception of the sound waves reflected from various objects. Эхолокация helps to be guided with space some animal (to dolphins, bats), and also to the people who have lost sight. Spatial perception of a sound probably at presence бинаурального hearing, i.e. ability to define a site of a source of a sound simultaneously the right and left ear. Reaction of urine of the healthy person usually subacidic. However рН it fluctuates from 5,0 to 7,0 depending on character of a food. At a food by mainly albuminous food urine reaction becomes sour, vegetative - neutral or even alkaline.