However a number of the facts could not explain корковая, subcrustal the dream theory. Supervision over patients which did not have almost all kinds of sensitivity, have shown that such patients run into a dream condition as soon as the stream of the information from operating sense organs interrupts. For example, at one patient from all sense organs one eye which closing immersed a sick dream in a condition has been kept only. Many questions of the organisation of processes of a dream have received an explanation with opening of ascending activating influences ретикулярной formations of a trunk of a brain on a bark of the big hemispheres. It has experimentally been proved that the dream arises in all cases of elimination of ascending activating influences ретикулярной formations on a brain bark. Descending influences of a bark of a brain on subcrustal formations have been established. In an awake condition in the presence of ascending activating influences ретикулярной formations on a brain bark нейроны a frontal bark brake activity нейронов the centre of a dream back гипоталамуса. In a dream condition when ascending activating influences ретикулярной formations on a brain bark decrease, brake influences of a frontal bark on гипоталамические the dream centres decrease. Chapter 13. Physiology of analyzers buy cheap amoxil Fibers are used in an organism first of all as plastic materials. The requirement for fiber is defined by that its minimum quantity which will counterbalance its losses by an organism. Fibers are in a condition of a continuous exchange and updating. In an organism of the healthy adult person quantity of the fiber which has broken up for days to equally quantity again synthesised. Ten amino acids from 20 (валин, лейцин, изолейцин, лизин, methionine, триптофан, треонин, фенилаланин, аргинин and гистидин) in case of their insufficient receipt with food cannot be synthesised in an organism and are called as irreplaceable. Other ten amino acids (заменимые) can be synthesised in an organism. From the amino acids received in the course of digestion, are synthesised specific to the given kind, an organism and for each body of the squirrel. A part of amino acids are used as a power material, i.e. are exposed to splitting. At first they дезаминируются - lose group-NH2, are as a result formed ammonia and кетокислоты. Ammonia is toxic substance and is neutralised in a liver by transformation into urea. Кетокислоты after a number of transformations break up to SO2i Н2О.