cefixime Processes which provide a temperature homeostasis, it is possible to divide into following groups: 3.спазмолитики миотропного actions; Chlorides are soaked up in a stomach and подвздошной to a gut as active and passive transport. Всасывание chlorine Sa2+i To + is connected with transport Na +. Всасывание calcium occurs very slowly by means of a special carrier - кальцийсвязывающего the squirrel which synthesis is supervised by vitamin D3. Last is formed in a skin under the influence of an ultra-violet irradiation. This process is activated by the bilious acids, some amino acids, sodium, antibiotics. Паратгормон, hormones of a thyroid gland, a hypophysis and adrenal glands increase всасывание calcium. Iron is soaked up in small intestines by active transport. In энтероцитах the special carrier of iron which transports it in a cage contains. There it communicates with specific fiber which delivers bivalent iron in blood. In blood there is a fiber трансферритин, connecting and delivering iron to a place of its action. Surplus of iron together with ферритиномпоступает in a gleam of intestines also is deduced.