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Dear Fans, Friends and Patrons:

I am writing to announce that I will be taking a sabbatical for the 2014-2015 performance season. The season, which begins in September, will mark the first year in our 12 year history that DWDT will not provide multiple productions and events in Houston. Instead, I will be working on personal projects—including finalizing the post-production work on our latest project Malta Kano, TX—but will help the company to entertain presented touring performances if they are offered.

This decision will allow me to explore other opportunities and interests that I simply have not been free to spend time on with the many obligations I’ve been committed to for these 12 years. I look forward to accepting opportunities to create and stage my works, teaching classes as a guest and coaching ballets.  I’m also looking forward to investing the time and energy necessary to connect with current ideas and esthetics surrounding the art and reconnecting with the overall pulse of the global movement. Most importantly, I look forward to having the chance to support my longtime partner, Domenico Luciano, in his new role as a Principal Dancer for Colorado Ballet. Domenico has supported my work and company for nine years; now I desire to be there by his side supporting him and this chapter in his career.

Thank you for all you’ve contributed. Together we have created twelve years of extraordinary experiences that would not have been possible without your enthusiastic support. We look forward to continuing the journey with you in the future.