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Afternoon of a Faun

Choreography Dominic Walsh
Music Claude Debussy

Lighting Design Robert Eubanks
Scenic Design Dominic Walsh
Costume Design Dominic Walsh

Choreographer’s Notes  Another great artist that has influenced me and the imagery in my work is Auguste Rodin. Rodin’s sculpture of Nijinsky has always peaked my curiosity and thus, I felt it would be my base for the faun in this production. Rodin actually spoke out in support of Nijinsky when his “Faun” shocked all of Paris. Shortly thereafter, Rodin created his interpretation of the event and the man in the famous sculpture. Walsh uses this sculptural shape to explore the idea of a man feeling molded and confined. He then breaks from this mold to satisfy a variety of curiosities and desires.

World Premiere 15 October 2009
US Premiere 15 October 2009

Length: 10 minutes
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