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Dolcemente ’07

Choreography Dominic Walshrep_dolcemente_190x218
Music Arvo Part, Frartres and Spiegel im Spiegel; Dolce Sentire sung by Mirka Kraftsows

Lighting Design Christina Gianelli
Costume Design Dominic Walsh and Jane Thayer

Choreographer Notes “I spent a summer in 2001 in Assisi, Italy studying the life and work of St. Francesco of Assisi. We began each morning with a yoga class and the sounds of Dolcemente…Serenamente…Respiriamo (With a sweet, serene breath). It was an important time for me and I began a conscious journey to honestly and compassionately give my best and encourage others to do the same, especially during conflict which mankind has created and suffered for ages.” ~Dominic Walsh

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World Premiere 1 October 2001 (for Houston Ballet)
US Premiere 1 October 2001
Length 24 minutes

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