This process consists in food machining between the top and bottom numbers of teeth at the expense of movements of the bottom jaw in relation to the top motionless. Chewing movements are carried out by special chewing muscles, mimic, and also language muscles. In the course of chewing about-proceed food crushing, its mixing with a saliva and formation of a food lump, conditions for occurrence of flavouring sensations are created. Food, arriving in a mouth, irritates mehano - thermo- and хеморецепторы its mucous membrane. Excitation from these receptors on афферентным basically a trigeminal nerve is transferred to fibres in sensitive kernels of an oblong brain, a visual hillock and a bark of the big hemispheres. From a trunk of a brain and a visual hillock коллатерали depart to ретикулярной formations. In the chewing certificate also take part проприорецепторы chewing muscles and механорецепторы the basic device of tooth - парадонта. As a result of the analysis and synthesis of the arrived information the decision on edibility of the substances which have got to a mouth is made. The inedible food is rejected, edible - remains in an oral cavity. Set нейронов the various departments of a brain operating the certificate of chewing, is called as the chewing centre. From impellent kernels ретикулярной formations of a trunk of a brain on эфферентным to fibres of trigeminal, hypoglossal and obverse nerves impulses arrive to the muscles providing chewing. As a result there are movements of the bottom jaw. Muscles of language and cheeks submit and keep food between teeth. Biotransformation of medical products in a liver viscous saliva character of food that is provided nervous and гуморальными. brain trunk, subcrustal structures and bark formation


Choreography Dominic Walsh
Music Igor Stravinsky

Lighting Design Robert Eubanks
Scenic Design Frederique de Montblanc
Costume Design Frederique de Montblanc

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World Premiere 15 October 2009
US Premiere 15 October 2009

Length 40 minutes

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