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Choreography Enrico Morellirep_funabula_190x272
Music Antonio Vivaldi Concerto in B flat Major for Violin and Orchestra No. 143

Lighting Design Jeremy Choate
Scenic Design Enrico Morelli
Costume Design Enrico Morelli

Choreographer Notes  Funabula is a work inspired by the idea of a kind of utopia, as if living your life suspended by a rope that takes you from one extremity of existence to the other. Everything seems difficult: staying balanced, conquering your fears, walking on a thread of music being interrupted by an abrupt loss of balance. The dancers are in an ethereal and light atmosphere in which sensuality and elegance connect to the weakness of the bodies – surrendering, then recovering with a gentle controlled tension. ~Enrico Morrelli

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World Premiere
US Premiere 7 February 2007
Length 5 minutes

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