Thus, the structure of final urine depends on filtration processes, реабсорбции and secretions. Primary urine turns in final thanks to processes which occur in nephritic канальцах and collective tubules. In a kidney of the person for days 150 180 l of a filtrate, or primary urine are formed, and allocated 1,0 - 1,5 l of urine. Other liquid is soaked up in канальцах and collective tubules. Канальцевая реабсорбция is a process of the return всасывания water and substances from containing in a gleam канальцев urine in a lymph and blood. The basic sense реабсорбции consists in keeping to an organism all vital substances in necessary quantities. The return всасывание occurs in all departments нефрона. The Great bulk of molecules реабсорбируется in проксимальном department нефрона. Here almost completely реабсорбируются amino acids, glucose, vitamins, fibers, microcells, a significant amount of ions Na +, Сl-, НСО3-и many other substances. In a loop of Genle, дистальном department канальца and collective tubules electrolits and water are soaked up. Earlier considered that реабсорбция in проксимальной parts канальца is obligatory and noncontrollable. Now it is proved that it is regulated as nervous, and гуморальными by factors. For conditioned reflex development it is necessary: developed are sluggish and cowardly. Unconditioned reflexes pentasa versus asacol be

The Dying Swan


Choreography Dominic Walsh
Music Camille Saint-Saëns, The Carnival of the Animals

Lighting Design Robert Eubanks
Scenic Design Dominic Walsh & Domenico Luciano
Costume Design Dominic Walsh & Domenico Luciano


“The Dying Swan is not about a woman impersonating a bird, it’s about the fragility of life – all life – and the passion with which we hold on to it.”-Allegra Kent

World Premiere 15 October 2009
US Premiere 15 October 2009

Length: 5 minutes

*Photo Credit: Gabriella Nissen

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