singulair Almost half of all energy received as a result катаболизма, is lost in the form of heat in the course of formation of molecules АТФ. Muscular reduction - process even less effective. About 80 % of the energy used at muscular reduction, it is lost in the form of heat and only 20 % turns to mechanical work (muscle reduction). If the person does not make work practically all energy generated by it is lost in the form of heat (for example, at the person lying in bed). Hence, the size теплопродукции is exact expression of size of an exchange in a human body. Reduction and increase диуреза can be caused a conditioned-reflex way that testifies to the expressed influence of the higher departments TSNS on work of kidneys. ЦНС regulates work of kidneys or it is direct through vegetative nerves, or through нейроны гипоталамуса, changing secretion of hormones. In it the unity nervous and гуморальной regulation is shown. On a membrane surface энтероцита it is formed мицелла into which structure enter fat acid with long chains, bilious acid and glycerine. Then мицелла passes in a membrane энтероцита without energy expenditure. In a membrane fat acids are grasped by special transport fiber. In cytoashes энтероцита glycerine and fat acids again turn in триглицериды, cholesterol and фосфолипиды. All three formed substances concluded in thin липопротеиновую a cover, form the smallest fatty particles in diameter of 60-75 nanometers which are called хиломикронами. The last, having passed through базолатеральную a cage membrane, get to intercellular space, and then in lymphatic vessels.

Victor Frankenstein

Choreography Dominic Walsh/Co-Conceived by Addie Tsai

Music Soundscape by Rodney Waters/Todd Hulslander, Sound Engineer

Lighting Design Nathan Haworth
Set Design Dominic Walsh
Costume Design Domenico Luciano

Choreographer Notes

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World Premiere 10 February 2011
DWDT Premiere 10 February 2011
Length 45 minutes

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