In the course of a metabolism constantly there is an energy transformation: energy of the difficult organic connections which have arrived with food, turns in thermal, mechanical and electric. The person and animals receive energy from environment in the form of the potential energy concluded in chemical bonds of molecules of fats, fibers and carbohydrates. All processes of ability to live are provided with energy for the account анаэробного and an aerobic metabolism. Reception of energy without oxygen participation, for example, гликолиз, (splitting of glucose to dairy acid) is called анаэробным as an exchange. In a course анаэробного glucose splittings (гликолиза) or its reserve substratum гликогена (гликогенолиза) transformation 1 asking glucose in 2 asking лактата leads to formation 2 молей АТФ. The energy formed in a course анаэробных of processes, it is not enough for realisation of active life, the reactions occurring to participation of oxygen, are energetically more effective. All processes generating energy with participation of oxygen, are called as an aerobic exchange. At oxidation of difficult molecules chemical bonds are broken off, at first organic molecules break up before three-carbon connections which join in a cycle of Krebsa (a cycle of lemon acid), and further are oxidised to SO2i Н2О. The protons liberated in these reactions and электроны enter a carrying over chain электронов in which oxygen serves as a final acceptor электронов. Biological oxidation in effect represents substance "combustion" at low temperature, a part of the energy liberated at oxidation, is reserved in high-energy phosphatic communications аденозинтрифосфата (АТФ). АТФ is the accumulator of chemical energy and means of its carrying over, диффундируя in those places where it is required. The Total of molecules АТФ formed at full oxidation 1 asking glucose to SO2i Н2О, makes 25,5 молей. At full oxidation of a molecule of fats it is formed большее quantity молей АТФ, than at oxidation of a molecule of carbohydrates. Studying секреторной and motor activity of a gastroenteric path is spent both on the person, and in experiment on animals. The special role is played by chronic researches when to an animal corresponding operation is preliminary made and after the regenerative period functions of a gastroenteric path are studied. At the heart of these operations the principle of the maximum preservation of the nervous and vascular communications providing performance of functions of this or that body lies. doxycycline online no prescription at an infectious hepatitis or corking of bilious channels factor, проакцелерин 5th factor, проконвертин 7th factor, антигемофильный globulin majority of

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Dominic Walsh Dance Theater is based in Houston, Texas and has toured throughout the United States, Europe and Japan. The repertoire consists of over 50 works choreographed by founder and artistic director Dominic Walsh.

The works range from short pieces created for two dancers to full-length ballets requiring a cast of 30 or more. The repertoire’s range makes it suitable for large or small theaters.

When on tour, Dominic Walsh is also available for a variety of education and outreach activities including master classes.

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