Dominic Walsh Choreographs to Japanese Mythology in Uzumé

“Mesmerizing. Even if the particulars of the Uzumé myth are forgotten, the performances of Luciano, Sakai, and Satou will not be. Uzumé is like every other Dominic Walsh production: not just a dance concert, but an experience to be cherished forever.” ~ Adam Castañeda, Houston Press

Interview with Dominic Walsh

Dominic Walsh talks with Catherine Lu about his newest work Uzumé, a collaboration with the Asia Society Texas Center.

World Premiere of Dominic Walsh’s Uzumé

Fall for Dominic Walsh Dance Theater
a Free Performance

“With our unique mix of technical virtuosity, innovation, and collaboration, Dominic Walsh Dance Theater is one of this country’s leading contemporary ballet companies. I hope those who have never seen us perform, as well as our fans, will come out and ‘fall in love’ with dance,” says Walsh.

Claudel tragedy inspires Walsh work 

Dominic Walsh Dance Theater proudly presents: Camille Claudel 

Hot dance bods bring a tragedy to life: Dominic Walsh finds his wow in Camille Claudel

“Walsh choreographs with a sculptural hand to begin with, so his ventures into this realm feel natural. His curvy lines do seem to shape space.” ~ Nancy Wozny, Culture Map Houston

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