Sanjuyon no Suiteki (34 Drops)

Choreography Dominic Walshrep_thirtyfourdrops_190x162
Music Arcangelo Corelli, Concerto Grosso in F, Op. 6/12-3, Adagio; 3. Grave _ andante Largo (Concerto Grosso in F, Op. 6, No. 2; Concerto Grosso in F, Op. 6, No. 9-5, Adagio, Miinuetto; Concerto Grosso in B Flat, Op. 6/11-4, Andante Largo; Concerto Grosso in D, Op. 6/7 – Adagio; Concerto Grosso in D, Op. 6/7 – Andante Largo; Concerto Grosso in F. Op. 6, No. 12, Adagio – Sarabanda; Concerto Grosso in F, Op. 6/2 – 3. Grave.

Lighting Design David J. Deveau
Sound Design Dominic Walsh
Costume Design Dominic Walsh

Choreographer Notes  The dripping of water from a faucet, just one of the many sounds we live with and are surrounded by, can feel meaningless and banal, reminiscent of the insistent second-hand clock or the monotonous agony of Chinese Water Torture. Or perhaps its cold, mathematical rhythms are a harsh reminder of the impermanence of time. With each percussive movement the mind is filled with the tasks that loom over us, the errands we have yet to finish. The drops, just a bit quicker than second hand ticks on a clock, further contribute to the hysteria of our own mortality. We desire to silence its harsh metronome and return to rounder sensations that free us from our own routines and stressful lives, where one experience moves seamlessly and blissfully into another, and we can enjoy each new discovery of all the potential present time has the ability to hold, like observing a child in a rich fantasy life. If we’re able to accept the passing nature of time, and the inevitability of it last tick, perhaps we can return then to the soft, round movements in the mind and body that we used to know so well.

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World Premiere 7 February 2012
US Premiere 7 February 2012
Length 12 minutes

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