Bacchus’s Cup

Choreography Lauri Stallings
Music Antonio Vivaldi, Estro armonico; Concerto in a minor for two violins, strings and continuo, Op. 3 No. 8; Larghetto e spiritoso; The Four Seasons, Winter; Concerto in f minor for violin, stings and continuo, Op. 8 No. 4; Allegro; The Four Seasons, Summer; Concerto in g minor for violin, strings and continuo, Op. 8 No. 2; Adagio; Presto

Lighting Design Nicholas Phillips
Scenic Design Lauri Stallings
Costume Design Lauri Stallings

Choreographer Notes  What greater gift is there than the present? ~ Lauri

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World Premiere
DWDT Premiere 7 January 2005
Length 15 minutes

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