Camille Claudel


Choreography Dominic Walsh
Music Camille Saint-Saens, Introduction and Rondo Capriccioso, Vienna State Opera Orchestra; Erik Satie, 3 Gymnopédies – Lent Et Douloureux, Aldo Ciccolin; Claude Debussy, Pelléas Et Mélisande Suite – Act 5, Une Chambre Dans Le Château, Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra; Kinley Lange, Departure on a theme by Jules Massenet, Lachezar Kostov, cello; Kinley Lange, Departure on a theme by Alberto Iglesias, Lachezar Kostov, cello; Jacques Brel, Ne me quitte pas; Kinley Lange, Departure on a theme by Eric Satie, Lachezar Kostov, cello; Frou Frou, Berthe Sylva, Paris – Classic French Songs; Henry Purcell, Dido and Aeneas, “Dido’s Lament,” Nancy Curtis, soprano, Lachezar Kostov, cello, arrangement by Kinley Lange; Jules Massenet, Méditation de Thaïs, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

Narrative Collaborator Addie Tsa
Lighting Design David Deveau
Scenic Design Libbie Masterson
Costume Design Domenico Luciano

About the life of Camille Claudel, an artist of exceptional and unusual talent who influenced the great Auguste Rodin.

Choreographer Notes Camille Claudel was declared one of the premiere artists of her time and was considered an equal to Auguste Rodin in technical ability and artistic merit. Before her career was cut short due to confinement in a mental institution in 1913, she was able to push through the bureaucracy and accomplish a very prolific period. I can only imagine the deeper impact she could have had on the world as an extraordinary artist and woman, and find it a travesty the world will not have the amazing works she could have continued to create had her fate been different.

World Premiere 3 May 2012
US Premiere 3 May 2012

Length 60 minutes

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