Le Spectre de la Rose

Choreography Dominic Walshrep_spectre_190x140
Music Carl Maria von Weber, Invitation to the Dance/Arranged by Robert Bridges and played by Bridges (Viola), Noel Martin (Violin), Barry Sills(Cello)

Lighting Design Jeremy Choate/Robert Eubanks
Scenic Design Katy Heinlein and Dominic Walsh
Costume Design Katy Heinlein and Dominic Walsh

Choreographer Notes I remember looking at old photographs of Nijinsky dancing this ballet when I was little and being mesmerized by his spirit captured in the print.  It was probably one of those moments that formed my decision to be a dancer. ~ Dominic Walsh

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World Premiere 16 October 2006
US Premiere 19 May 2006
Length 9 minutes

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