Choreography Dominic Walshrep_medea_190x134
Music Giovanni Simone Mayr, Medea in Corinto

Lighting Design Robert Eubanks
Scenic Design Dominic Walsh
Costume Design Dominic Walsh with construction by Giusi Giustino of Teatro di San Carlo

Choreographer’s Notes As part of Teatro San Carlo’s 2009-2010 season, Artistic Director Giuseppe Carbone invited Dominic Walsh to choreograph a new work. Walsh created Medea on three principal women from the prestigious Teatro San Carlo. He approached Medea from the abstract to explore the title character as a demi-god, woman, and mother confronted by her husband’s betrayal. Walsh’s three women demonstrate different archetypal behaviors of a woman’s suffering and the journey towards her commitment to avenge herself. Soon after the initial invitation was made to create this work, Walsh came across the opera “Medea in Corinto” by Giuseppe Simone Mayr. Fittingly, the debut of this opera was made at Teatro San Carlo in the nineteenth century. Walsh found a segment of this opera that seemed to simulate the feel of the women’s journey in the work and used this as his score. “When the suggestion was made for me to create a work on the story of Medea and motherhood, I found it instantly intriguing. I see the work as a three-sided, or rather, a three-faced geometric shape that demonstrates a woman torn from herself during the final stages before she makes the counter-intuitive choice to kill everything that traditionally defines her identity.”—Dominic Walsh

World Premiere
DWDT Premiere 21 October 2010

Length: 10 minutes
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