Choreography Dominic Walshrep_nessuno_190x135
Music Elliot Cole, Pange Linguis’; Mina, Nessuno, composed by Betty Curtis; Antonio Vivaldi, Concerto No. 143 in B major for violin & strings “In due cori,” Orchestra di Madrid from the soundtrack to Io Non Ho Paura

Lighting Design Matt Miller
Costume Design Dominic Walsh and Rebecca Shouse

Choreographer Notes Nessuno is a work that travels through three chapters, each representing the non-sequential states of being when one discovers a place of belonging. I think of the first like a sort of divinity of placement in a time and location and how one would fit into that environment. The second represents a kind of joy, youth, and playfulness within that discovered place, and the third continues the journey of maturation, fullness of ones self and this is represented in the elegance and intricacy of the movement and music. ~ Dominic Walsh

Created for and premiered by Hubbard Street 2 at Theatre am Ring, Saarlouis, Germany as part of Hubbard Street Dance Chicago’s 2010 National Choreographic Competition.

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World Premiere February 2011
US Premiere 9 February 2012
Length 12 minutes

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