Orfeo ed Euridice pas de deux

Choreography Dominic Walshrep_orfeo_190x152
Music Christoph Willibald Gluck, Orfeo ed Eduridice

Lighting Design Yuji Sawada
Scenic Design Jiro Shima
Costume Design Luisa Spinatelli

Choreographer Notes We pick up the myth with this scene of the journey through the Labyrinth when Orfeo must lead Euridice from Hades. Under the order of the Gods, Orfeo must not look at Euridice(or let her know that he must not look at her) or she will be lost forever. The ballet continues after this scene, but there still is an existing question of whether or not she survives. ~Dominic Walsh

*Photo courtesy of New National Theater Tokyo
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World Premiere  2007 (created for New National Theatre, Tokyo’s Emerald Project)

DWDT Premiere 7 February 2008
Length 15 minutes

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