Choreography Dominic Walsh
Music Two Star Symphony, Overture, Solos Composed to Choreography, Fond of Rudz, Another Little Terror, Caligari Segment into Haaga Takes a Smoke, The Ninth Level

Lighting Design Robert Eubanks
Scenic Design Nicola Parente/Video Design by Nicola Parente
Costume Design Nicola Parente, Domenico Luciano, Dominic Walsh

Choreographer’s Notes Named after the Roman god of boundaries and location, Terminus is motivated by Nicola Parente’s The Edge of Urban Time series and features a video/painting installation created by the artist. Born in Italy, Parente draws from a rich Italian heritage and a deep well of cross-cultural experiences to bring his art to life. “Diving into the creative work of Nicola, along with the wonderful compositions of Two Star Symphony, brought out some colorful ideas about people, space, and the inevitable effect of change that motivated Terminus. I have a great deal of affection and appreciation for all that Nicola, Jo, Debra, Margaret, and Jerry have poured into this collaboration.”—Dominic Walsh

World Premiere 10 April 2008
US Premiere 10 April 2008

Length: 41 minutes
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