Time Out of Line

Choreography Dominic Walsh
Music Arcangelo Corelli, Concerto Grosso In F, Op. 6/9 – 5. Adagio, Concerto Grosso In C, Op. 6/10 – 3. Adagio, Concerto Grosso In C, Op. 6/10 – 3. Adagio, Concerto Grosso In D, Op. 6/1 – Largo. Concerto Grosso In G Minor, Op. 6/8, “Christmas Concerto” – 1. Thru 6.

Lighting Design James Sale
Scenic Design Nicola Parente and Dominic Walsh/Video Design by Tim Thomson
Costume Design Domenico Luciano

Choreographer Notes I wanted to create a contemporary ballet that entertains the ideas of time and our relationship to it- when it feels fast or slow, or even the impossible notions of Déjà vu, or seeing someone who was not there before. I also like the idea of marking our journey and the art we create while living that journey. I knew we could develop a dynamic movement vocabulary with solo, duet, and unison material that explores these thoughts while providing some top notch dancing.

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World Premiere 29 April 2011
US Premiere 29 April 2011

Length 45 minutes

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