Choreography Dominic Walsh
Music Kensaku Satou

Soundscape Christopher Bourque
Lighting Design David Deveau
Scenic Design Dominic Walsh
Costume Design Domenico Luciano
Washi Artist  Mari Omori

Uzume is dedicated to Lise M. Liddell for her selfless contribution to art. ~Dominic Walsh

Choreographer’s Notes The pairing of drums and dance dips deeply into Japanese folklore. It is said that taiko was born from dance. As the tale goes, the storm god Susanowo went on a rampage, leaving destruction throughout the land. This rampage so upset his sister, Ameterasu, the sun goddess that she retreated into a cave, taking the light with her, leaving the world in darkness. No amount of coaxing by the other gods could convince her to leave her sanctuary, until Amenouzume, the goddess of dawn, (also referred to as simply “Uzume”) danced wildly on a wooden tub, making a noise so unusual that it raised Ameterasu’s curiosity. She left the cave, bringing the light back to the world.

I found this mythology on the origin of taiko strangely profound.  When I really stopped to think about it, the myth summarizes the human experience; perpetuating light, fighting to discover clarity, which I often refer to in my reason to create dance work and movement vocabulary.  Movement is the experience within the human body, and developing intricate, sophisticated phrases or even primitive gestures, is my way of searching to unlock the esoteric treasures there to be enjoyed and making peace with the unsettling mystery of it all. ~ Dominic Walsh

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World Premiere 19 October 2012
US Premiere 19 October 2012
Length: 50 minutes

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Dominic Walsh Choreographs to Japanese Mythology in Uzumé

“Mesmerizing. Even if the particulars of the Uzumé myth are forgotten, the performances of Luciano, Sakai, and Satou will not be. Uzumé is like every other Dominic Walsh production: not just a dance concert, but an experience to be cherished forever.” ~ Adam Castañeda, Houston Press

Interview with Dominic Walsh

Dominic Walsh talks with Catherine Lu about his newest work Uzumé, a collaboration with the Asia Society Texas Center.

World Premiere of Dominic Walsh’s Uzumé

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