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Support Us

Can you remember your first DWDT experience? Were you at the Hobby Center in 2003 for our first performance? Or perhaps you attended one of our free shows at the Miller Outdoor Theater?

Over 10 years ago, we set out to bring something new to Houston’s cultural arts scene – a world-class modern ballet company to rival those in top cities around the world. Since then, Dominic Walsh Dance Theater has delivered on that promise, pushing boundaries and thrilling audiences with brilliant performances created to showcase classical technique through forward-thinking modern choreography.

Every step of the way, our donors and audience members have been vital to our organization. Charitable contributions cover more than 60 percent of our total operating cost and without them, DWDT would be forced to close.

If you’ve had a poignant experience with DWDT, or if you just want to invest in our city’s cultural fabric, please consider making a gift today and help keep us here for years to come.

Special Thanks

We are very grateful for our 2013-2014 season sponsors:

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The Humphreys Foundation