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T-Shirts are now available!

Emily in Onesie

Look fabulous AND support DWDT!

Adult shirts – $20 each

Youth Shirts and Onesies – $18 each

Email Ashley Dennis to place your order today. Please include your desired size, design and neck style in your email.

Three t-shirt designs. Adult shirts available in two different styles: v-neck and deep v-neck; youth sizes in v-neck only. Artwork is on the back. 100% Cotton.

Onesies are currently only available in design #2 “Bending the Rules”.

See the chart below for available sizes.

Sizing Chart
Adult V-Neck
Adult Deep V
Youth Sizes
Onesies 3-6 Mo. 6-12 Mo. 12-24 Mo.

Design #1 

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Design #2

Bending the Rules

Design #3

Swan Lake T-Shirt

T-Shirt Neck Styles