Transformation and energy use Amino acids are soaked up with various speed are preparations promoting allocation of "" from a "" bladder in 12-perstnuju a gut холагога or холекинетика - from. buying brand viagra online ЕСl-клетки Strengthening of Functioning of digestive system, interface of a motility, secretion and всасывания are regulated by difficult system nervous and гуморальных mechanisms. Allocate three basic mechanisms of regulation of the digestive device: central reflex, гуморальный and local, i.e. local. The importance of these mechanisms in various departments of a digestive path is not identical. The central reflex influences (conditioned-reflex and certainly-reflex) in большей are expressed a measure in the top part of a digestive path. In process of removal from a mouth their participation decreases, the role гуморальных mechanisms however increases. This influence on activity of a stomach, a duodenal gut, a pancreas, желчеобразование and желчевыведение is especially expressed. In thin and especially thick gut mainly local mechanisms of regulation (mechanical and chemical irritations) are shown.