surrounding and internal environment 20 сек Warm гликозиды (строфантин To, оубаин) are capable to oppress enzyme Na +, To +-АТФазу, providing carrying over of sodium from a cage in blood and transport of potassium from blood in a cage. Water реабсорбируется in all departments нефрона. In проксимальных извитых канальцах реабсорбируется about 2/3 all waters. About 15 % реабсорбируется in a loop of Genle and 15 % - in дистальных извитых канальцах and collective tubules. Water реабсорбируется it is passive at the expense of transport of osmotically active substances: glucose, amino acids, fibers, ions of sodium, potassium, calcium, chlorine. At decrease реабсорбции osmotically active substances decreases and реабсорбция waters. Glucose presence in final urine ведетк to increase диуреза (лолиурии). Reflex and гуморальные thermoregulation mechanisms