Rate of decay and updatings of fibers of an organism is various - from several minutes till 180 days (on the average 80 days). About quantity of fiber, подвергшегося to disintegration for days, judge by quantity of the nitrogen deduced from a human body. In 100 г the squirrel contains 16 г nitrogen. Thus, allocation by an organism 1 г nitrogen corresponds to disintegration 6,25 г the squirrel. For days from an organism of the adult person it is allocated nearby 3,7 г nitrogen, i.e. the weight of the collapsed fiber makes 3,7 х 6,25 = 23 г, or 0,028 - 0,075 г nitrogen on 1 kg of weight of a body a day (factor of wear process of Rubnera). From muscular spindles and сухожильных receptors of Goldzhi located in intercostal muscles and muscles of a stomach, impulses arrive in corresponding segments спинногомозга, then in an oblong brain, the centres of a brain supervising a condition of skeletal muscles. As a result there is a regulation of force of reductions depending on initial length of muscles and resistance of respiratory system rendered to it. An indicator force of brake order xenical a lean gut.