trying to conceive on clomid For мембранного digestion the following dependence is characteristic: секреторная activity эпителиоцитов decreases from крипты to top of an intestinal fiber. In the top part of a fiber there is basically a hydrolysis дипептидов, at the basis - дисахаридов. Pristenochnoe digestion depends on fermental structure of membranes энтероцитов, сорбционных properties of a membrane, a small intestine motility, from intensity полостного digestion, a diet. On мембранное digestion hormones of adrenal glands (synthesis and a translocation of enzymes) influence. for action of enzymes. "double-spiral arrangement trunk" Interaction of analyzers is provided with all levels of the central nervous system, since a spinal cord, ретикулярной formations and coming to an end таламокортикальными. On корковом level this communication is realised at the expense of associative and motor zones of a bark of the big hemispheres. Piramidnye cages of the last collect the acoustical, visual and tactile information. It lies, for example, at the heart of training deaf or blind to reading on visual, or tactile, to sensations.