The gastric phase of secretion comes from the moment of food hit in a stomach. This phase is realised at the expense of a wandering nerve, внутриорганного department of nervous system and гуморальных factors. Gastric secretion in this phase is caused by irritation food of receptors mucous a stomach, whence impulses are transferred on афферентным to fibres of a wandering nerve in an oblong brain, and then on эфферентным to fibres of a wandering nerve arrive to секреторным to cages. The wandering nerve makes the impact on gastric secretion by several ways: direct contact to the main things, обкладочными and additional cages of gastric glands (excitation ацетилхолином Mholinoretseptorov), through внутриорганную nervous system and through гуморальное a link, as fibres of a wandering nerve иннервируют G-cages пилорической parts of a stomach which produce гастрин. Гастрин raises activity of the main things, but in a greater degree обкладочных cages. At the same time production гастрина increases under influence экстрактивных substances of meat, vegetables, products of digestion of fibers, бомбезина. Decrease рН in антральном stomach department reduces liberation гастрина. Under the influence of a wandering nerve secretion гистамина ЕС2-клетками a stomach raises also. Гистамин, co-operating with Н2-гистаминовыми receptors обкладочных cages, raises secretion of gastric juice of high acidity with the low maintenance пепсинов. To number of the chemical substances, capable to make direct impact on secretion of glands of a mucous membrane of a stomach, spirits, products of splitting of fibers (альбумозы and пептоны) concern экстрактивные substances of meat, vegetables. From these Buy Zithromax However at robaxin horse коркового conditioned reflex representations differin