Thermosensitive nervous cages are capable to distinguish a temperature difference in 0,0 ГС the blood proceeding through a brain. The data about temperature is transferred in group нервныхклеток гипоталамуса, setting in an organism level of adjustable body temperature - «an adjusting point» to thermoregulation. On the basis of the analysis and comparison of values of average body temperature and the set size of temperature mechanisms of "an adjusting point» through эффекторные нейроны гипоталамуса influence processes теплоотдачи or теплопродукции to bring into accord the actual and set temperature. By means of the thermoregulation centre balance between теплопродукцией and теплоотдачей is established. There is data that the parity in гипоталамусе concentration of ions of sodium and calcium defines "the set" level of temperature. Change of concentration of these ions leads to change of level of body temperature. as carbohydrate food, Viagra soft tablets Bodies of a gastroenteric path carry out also a number of other not digestive functions, for example, participation in a vodno-salt exchange, in reactions of local immunity, гемопоэзе, фибринолизе and etc. Gastric липаза it is propecia online